Vögele Shoes

Vögele Shoes: Footwear for the whole family. Traditional Swiss brand Vögele Shoes belongs to independent company Karl Vögele AG and has been a trusted retailer offering a diverse range of footwear for the entire family for over 90 years. Whether you are looking for something elegant for the city, a sporty-cool option for an urban scene or high quality for maximum everyday comfort, Vögele Shoes hits the spot for even the most fashionable-conscious and discerning of shoe lovers. It is also well-known for its extensive range of children's shoes. The brand is well-versed in its customers’ requirements and offers excellent value for money with attractive prices and a one-of-a-kind 100% guarantee, flawless quality and service – for a truly enjoyable shopping experience. 

Vögele Shoes runs an online shop at www.voegele-shoes.com and has over 300 stores throughout Switzerland and Austria. 

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